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MSIP Resources for Educators and Teams
MSIP activities align to the National Science Education Standards as well as build essential 21st Century Workforce Development Skills. The MSIP resources included on this page provide educators and student teams with the necessary information needed to complete the project.
The project is completed in six steps or phases: Pacing Guides, Mars Image Analysis, Question Mars, Proposal Phase, Targeting, and the Final Report. MSIP teams will learn more about these phases as they progress through the project. For MSIP teams that are working on the project as the on-site or distance learning formats they will be working with a ASU Mars Education MSIP Coordinator. The MSIP Coordinator will walk MSIP teams through these phases of the project to ensure successful classroom implementation. The MSIP activity format chosen may also have an effect on how these steps are incorporated throughout the project.
Please be sure to contact an MSIP Coordinator if you are new to the project and have questions about these six steps.